Viti Mittal


Affected by the recent demonetization or note bandi in India, I have created a lapel pin. Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender. The thousand rupee notes that were pulled out of circulation, served as the petals on the accessory. The disks in the lapel are made from copper treated with ammonia to texture its surface with green deposits. The patinated copper was then heated during the process to bring out the red hues of the material. Filed down along the edges to reveal the lustrous surface of copper, the material was used to match the color variants in the thousand-rupee note.The pin, fashioned like a Marigold paired with the leaves from the Sorrowless Tree, is meant to represent the duality of duo’s purpose. The Portuguese introduced marigolds in India, and since they have been widely cultivated in India to make garlands for decorative purposes. The bunches of Marigold and Sorrowless leaves are an essential part of celebrations as well as mourning. The Demonetized Lapel Pin thus, is reflective of the country’s progress on one hand and the hardships faced by its population while adjusting to this radical change on the other.This accessory sits proudly on your chest and accompanies you to your most formal occasion.


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